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Note: In the fretboard diagram on the whiteboard behind Kalei, the last note under the E string (5th fret, E string) should be an A (not a G). Sorry about that, guys 😛

Hey UUers!

Over the past few months we've been working really hard on some exciting new stuff here in the Underground - here's a sneak peek of the "Master Class" series that is being developed to help you become a better ukulele player! In Master Class episodes, exclusive seminars are taught and broken down by working professional ukulele players just for your practicing pleasure.

Available to all UU+ members
Kalei Gamiao's Master Class, Improving Your Ukulele Playing!

In Part 3 of this workshop, Kalei shows you two right hand techniques to help add some interesting strumming effects to your ukulele playing. These techniques require quite a bit of control with your right hand, so take it slow and practice them often to really get them down.

Have fun and keep strummin'!

-UU Staff

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