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Note: In the fretboard diagram on the whiteboard behind Kalei, the last note under the E string (5th fret, E string) should be an A (not a G). Sorry about that, guys 😛

Hey UUers!

Over the past few months we've been working really hard on some exciting new stuff here in the Underground - here's a sneak peek of the "Master Class" series that is being developed to help you become a better ukulele player! In Master Class episodes, exclusive seminars are taught and broken down by working professional ukulele players just for your practicing pleasure.

Available to all UU+ members
Kalei Gamiao's Master Class, Improving Your Ukulele Playing!

In Part 2 of this workshop, Kalei expands on some basic music theory to help you find different inversions for your chords. Download and print out the UU Fretboard Diagram to help you to find the notes you need and play around with different chord voicings to your hearts content. (Be sure to check Print Properties > "Scale to Fit" page when printing).

For more info on using music theory to improve your ukulele playing, check out Aldrine's Ukulele Music Theory course in the UU+ section!

Have fun with this one and keep strummin'!

-UU Staff

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