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Hey UUers!

Happy December! It's that time of year again - time to google up some holiday tunes, sit by the fireplace, and strum to your hearts content. To help get you into the seasonal uke spirit, we're kicking off December with a brand new episode of Uke Lessons - "Winter Wonderland"!

The Play-Along for this lesson is a little fast, so it may take some time to get it down smooth. Practice switching chords, take it slow, and gain speed when you are comfortable. It's all muscle memory, so if you do it enough times it will get easier and easier. Try it out and let us know what you think!

Hope you and your loved ones are staying warm this winter - be sure to stop by the Ukulele Underground Merch Store and pick up a new UU Zip Hoodie for yourself or gift one to your favorite uke player. Warm strumming arms all around!

May your fingers get stronger, strum faster than light
Happy Holidays to all, and to all some Uke MIGHT!

-UU Staff


  1. another fantastic lesson, I love the hawaiian style you gave the song, what a nice cristmas present, thank you Aldrine and folks at UU for the uke might! lol I’ll actualy might now have uke christmas songs to play this year 🙂

    @rasta it snows often in the high elevations of Hawaii , especialy Mauna Kea (mauna=mountain, kea=white) how awsome it woudl be to build a snowman there 😉

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