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When it comes to holding chords, there are a few basic chords that still strike fear in the hearts of ukulele players. The dreaded E! The menacing Bb! Most of what makes these chords tough is that they either require all four of your fretting fingers to hold OR they require you to hold down multiple strings with one of your fingers.

In the past, we taught you how to hold barre chords (bar chords), but on this week's episode of Uke Minutes you'll learn how to barre specific strings in "How to Hold Multiple Strings with One Finger". So try it out and let us know what you think!

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Happy Holidays, UUers, deck those halls with ukulele cheer!

-UU Staff


  1. I like your technique Aldrine, but as gesner said it is indeed a struggle to hit the e string using the technique. Also the way I play Bb is by barring the first fret with my first finger, and then the c string second fret with my middle finger and third finger on the g string 3rd fret. This way of doing it made it possible, and also helps when transitioning from a Bb to a Bb minor, as a lot of songs do this, I have found. Keep strumming! Ukebolt.

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