Hey UUers!

You may remember a nifty little technique that we showed you awhile back called "Golpe" (if you don't remember, click HERE to see the tutorial!). While in Oregon for the Eugene UKEtoberfest, we got to meet ukulele virtuoso, Craig Chee, who showed us his way of applying golpe to his playing. So this week's episode of Uke Minutes features Craig and his Advanced Golpe technique. It's a little advanced, so try it out, take it slow, and don't go too crazy. Also, you may not want to use your most expensive uke to learn this on - you'll be hitting your soundboard ... with your nails!

For more on Craig Chee or to pick up his new album, check out www.CraigChee.com

Hope your Saturday is amazing! Keep on ukin' until your fingertips are happily tender.

-UU Staff


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