Hey UUers!

Summer is almost over! If you've been rocking that uke of yours all summer long, you might notice a little finger grime on your fretboard. Or maybe it's that greenish tint developing along the length of your fret wires. But don't fret! We've got a solution for your fretboard blues with this week's episode of Uke Minutes - How To Clean Your Fretboard!

For more ukulele care and maintenance, check out Uke Minutes 49 - How to Remove Scratches (aka Pimp Your Uke!).

Also remember to enter the UU August ukulele give-away, the "Ambassadors of Ukulele" Contest. We'll be giving away a brand new KoAloha Tenor along with a year-long membership to the UU+ section of this website! Click HERE for more details and how to enter.

Keep strummin' and hope you enjoy your newly-beautified ukulele fretboard!

-UU Staff

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