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Hey UUers!

Time to flip the page on your virtual calendar - it's officially August! And along with another month comes another new episode of Uke Lessons. This time Aldrine shows you how to play "Every Teardrop is a Waterfall" by Coldplay on the ukulele!

For the Play-Along, we enlisted the help of our super rad uke-playing friend (and long time UUer) KRABBERS! Be sure to check out his YouTube Channel and pick up his original album, Off the Tube, now available on iTunes -

For more info about Coldplay, check out their website or head over to their iTunes page and grab the real version of this song!

Hope you have an amazing August! Remember, you've got all month to enter the UU "Ambassadors of Ukulele" Give-Away Contest, so enter for a chance to win a brand new KoAloha Tenor and a yearlong membership to UU+! As we head steadily toward the end of the year, bring your uke along for the ride and spread a little ukulele love!

-UU Staff


  1. The video animations make it really easy to follow the finger picking.

    And thanks too for the finger picking close up (4:30). I want more of them to analyze the finger techniques 🙂

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