Hey UUers!

Sweep the leg!! Unfortunately, we can't teach you how to do a sweep in Karate (mostly because we don't know Karate) ... but today on Uke Minutes we CAN teach you how to do a sweep on your ukulele! A sweep is basically a run of several notes in succession, played quickly. Here Aldrine shows you an example of a major scale sweep and how to do it on your uke.

For a refresher on how to do the Thumb and Middle Picking Technique, check out Uke Minutes 129. Remember to practice this one slow, possibly breaking down the runs on each string at first and putting it all together once you get the hang of it.

Have fun with this one, keep strummin', and hope your Saturday is stupendous!

-UU Staff


  1. Still haven’t trimmed those strings yet? If you don’t have a wire cutter just use a nail clipper or scissors.

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