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Hey UUers!

How's everyone doing on this beautiful Saturday!? It's another episode of Uke Minutes, just for you, so whip out that uke of yours and get ready to rock. This time, Aldrine shows you Chromatic Scales, which are the basis for all scales in music. Each scale includes every note available in standard music, so study your fretboard and get to know what is what!

For a nifty printable Fretboard Diagram, click HERE! (Be sure to check Print Properties > "Scale to Fit" page when printing).

This one may seem simple, but learn it well, because we'll be building on the Chromatic Scale in future Uke Minutes. Have fun & keep strummin'!

-UU Staff


  1. Thank you so much for this chart and the video. It’s proved so helpful to me as a beginner in that I have a much better understanding of the chromatic scale.

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