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Hey UUers!

Woah, June is already here and along with it another episode of Uke Lessons! This time, Aldrine breaks down "Love I" by The Green. This one has been playing all over the radio stations here in Hawaii for awhile, so here it is for you to pick up, jam, and enjoy.

For more info about The Green, check out their Facebook page and be sure to pick up their self-titled album, "The Green" (2011 Na Hoku "Reggae Album of the Year" winner), available on Amazon and iTunes!

As a quick refresher on the "Muted C String Plucking" technique used in the Fingerpicking section of this lesson, check out Uke Minutes 127 - Muted C String Plucking.

Have fun with this one and hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!

-UU Staff


  1. hey im new to the uke, but ive been on this site for the past few days and it is amazing! for this song, I’m having the most difficulty with the muted strum where your pinky lies on the strings.. my other fingers always move when i lift it.. is there any advice you have for this? thanks and again awesome site

  2. Great lesson and
    THANK YOU for the concert at Island Bizzar in H.B. Ca on 5/28. … WOW
    From the donation CD please include track #7 and #9 in your new CD.

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