In this episode, I try recount my one and only experience in New York City. On tour two years go, I got pretty ill and spent a few hours in the emergency room at Mt. Sinai Hospital. I also apologize for saying 'like' like 2,000,000 times in this episode, its my crutch word when i trying what to say.

Episode 9 - NYC ER
The Adventures of the K-Town Heroes Podcast


  1. SoCal Ukulele Fest is probably in a bigger venue (somewhere in Anaheim) this year… You might be able to avoidthe sick auntys this year… They probably will not want to leave the comfort of Cerritos…
    Eh… Just don’t want to discourage you guys from coming out to our disease laden part of the country again. You didnt get sick last year, right? They got lotsa Aremian pizza here in SoCal too!

  2. We should’ve had the open mic in your hospital room. And even then, you still wouldn’t be the weirdest patient in there! Hope you guys can make it back to NY soon, preferably when there’s no outbreak of infectious disease.

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