We're back with another tale from the past. This time Aldrine delves into his childhood and what fuels him today. Evidently, growing up in Hawaii when you weren't born in Hawaii is not all its cracked up to be. Thank you everyone who has been listening to us talk about nonsense the past 5 weeks. We're hardly entertaining but thanks for humoring us. 🙂

Episode 6 - I Just Wanna be Cool
The Adventures of the K-Town Heroes Podcast


  1. Aldrine- you have great “shirk”- it’s like tenacity- when things go wrong or when people tell you to quit you keep on going and just let the problems roll off of your back.

    Thanks for sharing- I like these pod casts.

  2. Another interesting chapter in the story of why you are who you are today.

    And I’m beginning to relate to being a geek…because it seems I’m the only one leaving comments here 🙂

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