Hey UUers!

Have you ever wanted to change keys mid-song? Have you ever wondered how artists are able to smoothly transition from one key to another right in the middle of their tune? Check out this week's episode of Uke Minutes and learn simple key modulations, and do just that!

This one is a little advanced and dips into music theory for the ukulele. Check out the Uke Minutes for a refresher on Major Scales and Chord Families.

In other news, Aldrine is in Thailand representing UU at the Thailand Ukulele Festival! So if you're in the area, definitely stop by to meet up, jam, and tell him that you're from the Underground! Also, for all you students of Ukulele Underground University, classes are canceled today (March 12, 2011) due to the festival and will resume next week (remember that Hawaii doesn't observe Daylight Savings!).

Keep strummin' and hope your weekend is magically delicious!

-UU Staff


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