In this episode Mark and I (mostly me) recount the day we met Pure Heart. As you will hear, this was probably one of the most formative days in our musical career. We also may be live streaming the recording of some of the newer episodes so be sure to follow us @aldrine and @uurayan on twitter because we will post any streaming links there.

Episode 4 - Pure Heart
The Adventures of the K-Town Heroes Podcast


  1. I liked this episode, especially the parts about working hard to ensure that you keep your “regular guys” attitude. Ryan & Aldrine, I saw you guys at denver uke fest in Feb – you were really great on stage.
    The part that I really remember was when my sister (and her baby daughter) and I ran into Aldrine in the lobby at the Mya-Moe table. After chatting for a bit, I thought, he’s a really cool, normal guy!

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