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Hey UUers!

Welcome to November! As we near the end of the year, things always get a little busy here in the Underground, so have your uke(s) at the ready for a wild end to 2010! For now, we've got a brand new episode of Uke Lessons for you to watch and enjoy 😀

Last month, Aldrine released a brand new album, the "Space Suits EP," (available now in the UU Store!) with 5 new original tracks including "Space Suits." Enough people have asked about the picking parts for this song that Aldrine decided to make everything available in one easy-to-digest lesson. Check it out and play to your heart's content!

Also at the end of the lesson, be sure to catch some highlights from our October 2010 California Tour! Special THANKS to everyone who helped make this tour possible (especially - but not exclusively - Russ, Trina, Corser, Grumpy, Mike DaSilva, Trina B & Addi B, Monique, Maylee, Mikka, Berny, Sam, Arvin, The Pacific Arts Dance Studio crew, RicDoug, Rick, Alfred, Irwin, Island Sushi, diPiazza's, Sally & the Barefoot Wahines, Eddie, Anthony, Daniel, Dustin, Colin, Rob, Ronin, Megan, Uncle Charlie & Aunty Ilima, Joe & Kristen Souza, Victoria Vox, Musicguymic, BruddahMark, The Nalu crew, and everyone who came out to hang out with us, play music with us, and spread the ukulele love)! MAHALO!

Have fun with that uke of yours and stay tuned for more exciting stuff as we round out the year! Play on, uke players, play on.

-UU Staff


  1. Awesome song!
    could you post tabs with lyrics for this song please? i don’t get much time on the computer to watch the play along so that would help a lot

  2. Cool song Aldrine! I learned how to play the song and am very happy with it. I’m trying to purchase your album but don’t have enough money so I’m going to wait until Christmas. Thanks for the song!

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