Hey UUers!

It's another Saturday
& another episode of Uke Minutes! Much like last week's episode, Aldrine employs the "emphasis" strum, this time on the 1st beat, to create a strumming pattern to add a little variety to your songs. Try it out, experiment with other strumming patterns, and show us what you come up with!

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Also, remember to sign up for Sunday's LIVE Seminar "How to Figure Out Songs on The Ukulele" hosted by UUU. Aldrine will be showing you, step by step, what you need to know in order to figure out songs by ear! AND for those of you who have been waiting to register for the second semester of Ukulele Underground University - registration for Ukulele 101, Ukulele 102, Ukulele 103, and Music Theory 101 has started. Classes begin in October, so sign up today!

Hope your Saturday is Spectaculariffic! Strum that ukulele like you mean it (and if you come up with anything good, don't forget to hit record!).

-UU Staff


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