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Can you believe it!? Uke Minutes ... Episode 100!! For this very special weekly installment of Uke Minutes, we go back to basics. Are you a brand new ukulele player who just picked up your first ukulele? Great! In this episode, Aldrine takes you from unboxing your uke to tuning it up to strumming and playing your first chords - all within 5 minutes! Check it out, practice your chord switching and you'll be playing up a storm in no time.

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Also, if you've been wearing out your mouse buttons waiting for the next session of Ukulele Underground University to begin - it's now right around the corner! The Fall 10-week semester begins on October 9th, so be sure to register today. The Spring session of UUU was amazing, helping a LOT of cool uke players to get started, quickly improve their uke skills, and have a ton of fun! For more info, check out Ukulele Underground University.

Be sure to grab that ukulele of yours and strum through your Saturday like you're on a mission - playing what you love & loving what you play.

-UU Staff


  1. Ahhh, Aldrine! Absolutely, this is the lesson that I am looking for!!! Learning how to tune the uke, to strum and to form the first three chords! Really, to me, they big 3 wonderful starter to start playing the Uke!!!
    Million thanks Aldrine and UU!!!

  2. This lesson is perfect for my little granddaughters who are just learning. Thank you so much for posting this video. (Saw you in Cerritos and you were amazing as was Ryan!) Ed

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