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Hey UUers!

The summer has come and passed & we're now headed headlong into fall! September is here and with it, a brand new episode of Uke Lessons - this time it's Green Day's "Good Riddance" (aka "Time of Your Life). It's a pretty simple one, with an easy picking pattern that you can play throughout the song, so try it out and have fun with it!

Special THANKS to UU's own UCB, who helped us out with some last minute videos that really made the Play-Along awesome. If you haven't seen Green Day's original music video for "Good Riddance", watch it first (and you'll understand why the Play-Along was done the way it was :D). For more crazy ukulele videos from the UCB, check out their channel:

Also, registration just opened for Aldrine's first ever Seminar on Ukulele Underground University called "How to Figure out Songs on the Ukulele"! More info coming soon, but if you'd like to save your spot already, CLICK HERE!

No live lesson today because Aldrine is in California for the next week - be sure to check out "Good Riddance" and keep a busy uke until he gets back! Hope your Wednesday is wonderful.

-UU Staff


  1. I’m new to this and to the ukulele, and Aldrine’s lessons sure seem personal to me. I nailed the ‘play along’ piece right away, but I’ll need some time to think ‘G’ when playing the guitar position ‘D’ and transpose on the fly. My son wants to play this at an upcoming UU Church event, and I’m ready already.

  2. you’re good at what you do I’ll give you that (despite the goofy outakes haha)
    i love how you teach finger picking, cos I always get surprised when I suddenly startig picking the tune :L xx

  3. Been stuck for the past two months in the land of little internet unable to watch videos. Been looking forward to watching these ever since I joined. They are even better than I expected.

  4. I like this one, reasonably do-able with a little practice and recognisable even with my poor skill. One question, why was the Em chord shown in the intro but not used in the song?

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