Hey UUers!

It's another beautiful Saturday for some good old-fashioned ukein'. This week on Uke Minutes, we pick up where we left off in "How to Figure Out Strumming Patterns 1" and add in rolls and chunks to create strumming patterns. There are a few rules to abide by, but for the most part, making up your own strumming pattern is just a matter of listening to the song you want to play and creating something that would match. Try it out, do whatever feels and sounds right to you, and let us know what you think!

If you missed the NEW UU T-Shirts announcement, it's not too late - there are a few more shirts available, so be sure to swing by the UU Store and pick up some uke-related merch for yourself!

Now go out there and make your Saturday awesome (and be sure to bring your uke along - it gets lonely living in a case)!

-UU Staff


  1. I’m only just catchin up on the uke lessons and I can’t figure out from the videos how to play ‘chunk’! help!

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