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Hey UUers!

So ... we just got a shipment of NEW T-Shirts, and they're looking pretty. freaking. sweet. Here's the rundown on what's fresh at the UU Store:

UU "Say Aloha" Tee

"Say Aloha" Tee ($23.00 + S/H) - This shirt design is a brand new one for us in the Underground. Small UU logo printed on the back. Charcoal is the first color out for this tee, so if you like the dark grey, be sure to pick it up 'cause we're not printing any more!

UU Logo T-Shirts in TEAL! ($17.98 + S/H) - People have been asking for a nice blue (instead of the Navy) for awhile, so for the rest of summer we're bustin' out the UU Logo print on Teal (it's actually close to turquoise).

UU Logo Baby Tees in PINK! ($19.98 + S/H) - The fitted women's shirts are finally in stock again, with the addition of UU logo prints on pink. (Sorry to everyone who has been waiting for these girls' shirts to come in - they are here!).

Oasis Ukulele Humidifier ($18.95 + S/H) - For all of you living in dry areas, an ukulele-sized humidifier to keep your uke from drying out and cracking. This one ships from the Mainland Ukes warehouse in Indiana, so it'll get to you quick!

Also, we're phasing out Kelly Green on all UU Logo tees, so if you can find your size in the store, you're in luck. And if you were cool enough to pick one up, be sure to wear it proudly. 😀

Have a great Wednesday everyone! Sorry no live lesson today (Aldrine is in Salt Lake City, UT this week). But we'll get back into the swing of things next week!

-UU Staff


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