Hey UUers!

This week's member video of the week goes to Two Blokes who have been ukein' online for two whole years now! 2 blokes, 2 ukes, 2 years! That's gotta be something lucky, right?? (For a full list of the videos they've posted within two years' time, click HERE). In all of their videos, these guys show complete disregard for what anyone might consider "serious" musicianship, but they are having so much fun that you can't help but smile and sing along :D. This is what the ukulele is all about - having fun, finding a real connection with the music you love, and sharing that joy with others. Take a look, Subscribe to their channel, and request a song for them to cover (in the boldest, most amusing, sing-along style you can imagine).

As the summer winds down
and we head off towards the holiday season, we hope you spent a little time frolicking around in the summer air with you uke at the ready, eagerly awaiting any opportunity to sing loudly with friends (and provide insanely high harmonies, when needed). Keep strummin' and spreading the uke love, UUers!

-UU Staff


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