Hey UUers!

Here in the Underground, a fairly common question we get is "What is the Strumming Pattern for this song?" Most strumming patterns can be pretty easy to figure out as long as you know the basics. In this week's episode of Uke Minutes, Aldrine introduces Part 1 of "How to Figure out Strumming Patterns" for any song. Try it out and let us know what you think!

And if you haven't entered your rock video into the Eleuke "Uke Rock!" Ukulele Give-Away Contest yet, what are you waiting for? We're giving away FOUR (count 'em - four!) Eleuke ukes this month and the last day to enter the contest is July 31st, so get to rockin'! For more details and to submit your entry, see the Official Contest Thread.

Have a spectacular Saturday, UUers! Make those ukuleles weep.

-UU Staff


  1. Hi! I have a lot of trouble just getting into a song & being able to know when to switch chords, how many times to strum a cord before the next one, or how to strum to different songs. I watched the video but I feel like it won’t help me. Can I over think it to much?

  2. What a great topic. Can't wait to see the next installment. I think alot of new players have this as a question.

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