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Hey UUers!

Here's a great way to add a little variation to your chords! A while back on Uke Minutes, we taught you about Alternate Chord Positions, so when you are playing with others, you can play the same chord but in a higher register. With Added Octave Chord Inversions, you can quickly add a higher note in the same key without having to change your current chord position! Check it out and let us know what you think!

Also, this month we're giving away one of the most amazing custom ukuleles we've ever gotten! It's a special, one of a kind, UU-branded Kanilea Tenor Ukulele from the very cool people over at Kanile'a Ukulele.

And it could be yours! Click on the Official Contest Thread to read the rules on how to enter and win. This contest will NOT be judged on skill. It WILL be judged on creativity, originality, and how you Spread Aloha using your ukulele. Good luck!

Hope you're spending your summertime Saturday spread out by the sea, strumming away, & sippin' smoothies! (Or just chillin' with us in the Forum. Either way, it's all good.) Rock on.

-UU Staff

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