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Hey UUers!

May has made it to the Underground and with it, another full episode of Uke Lessons! This month we bring you an ukulele lesson-ized version of "Come Together" by the Beatles! Check it out (and play along with the Play-Along, featuring UU's very own puremarkska), and let us know what you think!

In other news, last night we got hacked. And while almost everything is back to normal (aside from us temporarily taking down our ads for safety reasons), if you could help us out in spotting glitches and things that don't seem quite right, we would love you with all of our hearts! If you notice anything on this site or on the Forum that doesn't work correctly or is a little out of the ordinary, please let us know at ukuleleunderground (at) (and send us a screenshot, if possible). With your help, we'll get back up to speed in half-of-no-time! Thanks UUers - your love is our drug 😀

Hope your May is looking a little brighter! Play that uke music and be merry!


-UU Staff


  1. I’ve been playing around with this song. On the Cm7 down down chunk down where the down beat after the chunk rings I prefer the sound of a D# (G3,C3,E3,A6).

    So Cm7 ↓, Cm7 ↓, chunk, D# ↓, Chunk

  2. Excellent lesson and tutorial, Aldrine! Although, it’s pretty ambitious for me at this time to learn the chords, having just picked up the Uke, I’m sure I’ll go back to it again and again to learn it!!! Thanks!!!

  3. Love to play uku but I just need to get to know more about it. I have collections of uku. I just love this site. Are you selling any of your teaching techniques on dvd? I love this one on the Beatles ..Come Together..Please let me know where I can purchase it you have any.

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