This week on UGM, Aldrine answers a question everyone has been asking: "Can you teach us the song, 'Billionaire' by Travie McCoy & Bruno Mars?" To which the answer is, "yes!" Have fun with this one & if YOU have a question for Aldrine, hit him up at askaldrine (at) gmail . com!


  1. i really think your duin a good thing by taking your time out to teach us how to play certain songs on a ukulele…we samoans dnt really play uke but im glad that theres sum1 like you that goes through extreme measure to teach ppl…and i personally just want to thank you….and may god bless..samoan love….

  2. can you post this video on a different video format. like not on youtube?
    oh an do you know any duets me an a friend can play?

  3. Come on you can't do that. You do those extra little finger picks at the end don't show us how to do it? Come on you can't do that

    1. Jay: Aldrine laid down a foundation for you. Now it's up to you, Jay, to create a version with your own styl-ee! 😉

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