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Hello UUers!

It's Saturday - do you know where your children are? (Probably watching another awesome episode of Uke Minutes!). This week on Uke Minutes, we bring you an alternative to the thumb-intensive Strum-Picking Technique. In the original Strum-Picking episode (Uke Minutes 26), Aldrine showed you a method for picking individual strings, while muting the rest. Here, you can bypass the whole thumb factor altogether and replace it with a single ring finger mute. PLUS - add harmony! Try it out for yourself, let us know what you think, and if you've got question, ask away!

Thanks for taking time out of your Saturday to chill with us in the Underground! Strum that uke, stay warm & toasty, and if anyone asks, tell them you're on a mission to Rock.

-UU Staff


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