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Hey UUers!

Strong. Quick. Terrifyingly dexterous. If you don't already associate words like these with your Pinky Finger, don't fret - you will soon enough! This week's episode of Uke Minutes is going to make your Pinky finger a beast - check out the video, do as we do, and you will be on your way to straight up finger buffness.

February is the official month of the Ukulele Underground Award Show ("The Undies!"), so be sure to tune in right here on the last Saturday of this month (February 27th) @ 2 pm Hawaii Standard Time! We'll be giving away awards, showing video performances, giving away prizes to viewers, and celebrating the winners LIVE right here on the UU front page. Mark your calendars - we definitely want you to be there!

Hope your Saturday
is pretty fan-tastic so far. Remember to hit us up on Facebook & Twitter and if you find yourself with questions, we're always around. Play on.

-UU Staff


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