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Hey UUers!

Saturday has rolled around again and right along with it, another episode of Uke Minutes! This time we got a quick little exercise for you to practice switching between different positions of the same chord. Why do I need to know different positions of the same chord, you ask? In addition to familiarizing yourself with your fretboard, knowing different inversions of the same chord comes in handy when playing with a group, gives you alternatives when arranging a song, and even helps you know positions for picking within a key.

For more chord shapes that you can use, check out Uke Minutes 17 (Movable Chord Shapes!).

This exercise also works with any chord changes that might be a challenge. That tough change from A to E? Strum, switch, and cut time until you've got it down! Try it out and let us know what you think!

-UU Staff


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