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Hey UUers!

This month's lesson, we must say, is pretty epic. It's a song by a band in Hawaii called Kolohe Kai who released their first album in September this year which shot up to #1 on the local music charts, where it currently stands. And the awesomest part: Kolohe Kai's ukulele player (Noah Cronin / KoloheBoy on the Forum) is a longtime member of UU! So when he contacted us last month, we were all high fives and jumpkicks to go meet up with the Kolohe Kai crew for a lesson.

So, if you like (or love) what you hear, please check out Kolohe Kai at and buy their album on iTunes!

Don't forget - the 2009 Ukulele Underground Awards are coming up soon, so be sure to nominate your favorite videos of the year and let your voice be heard!

It's the last month of the year - be sure to get all your 2009 strumming out because when 2010 comes around, there's no turning back! Hope you have a terrific Tuesday!

-UU Staff


  1. i love♥ this song because its so nice but then the first verse is better than verything.. this is babygirl commenting this… better than enything else so yeah that all imma comment so… buh-bye people

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