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Hey UUers!

Great news! Earlier this week we had the excellent fortune of catching Joe Souza at the Kanile'a Ukulele Factory in Kaneohe while he was installing a Mi-Si "Acoustic Trio" pickup into one of his Kanile'a ukes - and he let us film him! So naturally, we decided to throw it up on UU as soon as possible, so all y'alls can check it out and get some insight into what goes on during a professional pickup installation.

For more info on doing this yourself, take a looky at russ_buss' DIY installation of this very same pickup in the UU Forum.

Hope everyone is having a uke-tastic Saturday! Stay tuned for more cool stuff and ukulele fun to spruce up your Holiday Season!

-UU Staff


  1. im thinking about adding a pickup to my uke.
    im wondering how much it would cost for them to install one for us?
    Thank you

  2. OK, I’m looking this site since a long time…
    And this is my first comment :

    It was an awesome uke minute !
    Thank you so much for it.

    Those kind of minutes, about making or customise ukes, are really interesting.
    I didn’t know how pickups were installed.

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