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Hey UUers!

So, you know your Major Scales on your ukulele like the back of your hand and can solo over major chord progressions like nobody's business. But what happens when someone starts playing in a minor key?? Do you hide behind the mic stand? Pretend you need to go to the bathroom? NO!

In this week's episode of Uke Minutes, Aldrine shows you how to use your knowledge of major scales to play in minor keys with Related Major Substitutions!

Here's how:
1. Take the minor key that you are playing in (for example, Em)
2. Raise the root note up a step-and-a-half (E --> G).
3. Use that major scale to create your solos, but start and end on the root note of the original key (Use a G scale to solo, but start and end on E).

Don't believe us? Try it out for yourself!

*For more info and instruction on how to create solos in major scales, check out our newest DVD Release "Ukulele Solos: Techniques & Improvization" in the UU Store!

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Hope you have an awesome Saturday!


-UU Staff


  1. Love the new Kanile`a. Gorgeous to look at and wonderful tone as far as my little computer speakers can reproduce for me. Best of luck with it. would appreciate you comments on it.

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