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Hey UUers!

Looking for an easy way to add harmony to your ukulele solos? Check out this week's episode of Uke Minutes for a quick way to add C string harmony to melodies played on your A string! Memorize the pattern and slide it up and down your fretboard to match the key you are playing in and have fun with a little harmony.

We'll the UU guys made it back from the whirlwind UU Tour 2009 safely and soundly, so things in the Underground should be back to normal soon. Once again, it was totally awesome seeing everyone come out to jam with us in California, Baltimore, and New York! We really can't thank you guys enough and as soon as we can find a way to make out there again, we will definitely be back.

- The UU "Ukulele Solos: Techniques & Improvising" DVD is available now in the UU Store! 68 min. Limited supply pre-release packaging.
- We'll be having an Official UU Halloween Open Mic on Thursday, Oct. 29th at 3pm HST. Get your songs and singing voices ready! Check the Forum soon for the sign-up thread.

Now go out and attack your Saturday with the power of your ukulele awesomeness! (But don't forget to take a sweater, it's starting to get chilly out there). Have a great one.

-UU Staff


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