Hey UUers!

Once upon a time, we taught you the sweet and super-useful Palm Mute technique. But what if you want to palm mute more than one note at a time? Enter the Two-String Palm Mute. In this episode of Uke Minutes, Aldrine shows you how to add harmony to your palm muted notes, so you can fill up your uke picking with awesome.

So this is it! The UU Tour 2009 comes down to one amazingly cool event: The Wine Country Ukulele Festival!

Wine Country Ukulele Festival

TODAY - Sat, Oct 10th / St. Helena, CA - Wine Country Ukulele Festival (see site for details) Aldrine performs at 1:45 with a workshop scheduled during the weekend. We'll see you there!

-UU Staff

P.S. The East Coast part of our tour was a blasty-blast (Thanks to everyone who came out to chill with us)! Want proof? Check out the pics & vids. 1 2 3

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