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Hey UUers!

Happy Halloween! Alright people, get ready for another awesome episode of Uke Lessons! We're about to stir it up with some sweet reggae music from Bob Marley - a song called "Guava Jelly" - to satisfy your soul. We were jammin' this song while we were in California for UU Tour 2009 and thought it would make a good lesson. So put it on, get into that mellow mood, and lively up yourself, because November's episode of Uke Lessons is here!

We also stuck in some never-before-seen footage from the first half of UU Tour 2009, so if you came out to see us in Southern California, check out the video - you just might see YOU. Special thanks to everyone who stopped by for the Moonlight Beach Strummers in Encinitas, Casa Princessa in LA, and SoCal Uke Festival in Cerritos! Extra special thanks to Frank Leong (of MBS), Deron Wade (of Independent Scene), Ilima & Uncle Charley (of SUF), Greg White for letting us stay at his house, RicDoug for everything, NucDoc & Bugoy for picking us up, BruddahMark for keeping us company & the shirts, Joe Souza for making beautiful ukes, Joe for the battery, Sammy, Eddie, Daniel, Anthony, Alex, & the whole SoCal crew for holding down the fort for us and making our booth amazing, Dominator, MGM, Ukulele Bart, Derrick Sebastian, Gerald Ross, and anyone else that we missed! Mahalo.

Also, be sure to check out our new DVD, "Ukulele Solos: Techniques & Improvising" available now in the UU Store! Hope you have a great Oct 31st - be safe, strum hard, and don't eat too much candy. Or do.

-UU Staff


  1. Can you please do a lesson for another bob marley song? for example, jammin, is this love, buffalo soldier, no woman no cry? It would be much appriciated 🙂 love from england

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