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Hey UUers!

So we've told you time and time again that the ukulele is an instrument that cannot be contained. No matter what style of music you like to play or listen to, the ukulele can do it! It's just a matter of figuring out how. This week on Uke Minutes we're giving you a 'how' - for Rock, Alternative, or Punk - that can blast people's socks off and make your uke sound like a legendary beast. Power chords ... for the ukulele. Check it out.

The UU boys (Aldrine, Ryan, and Aaron) are all packed up and ready to leave the Underground on the adventure of a lifetime: to come see YOU in California and on the East Coast!

Ukulele Underground Tour 2009 <- Click for Dates & more info!
(Sept. 30 - Oct. 11, 2009)

ALSO - while we're gone, there won't be anyone here to hold down the fort. We'll keep updating the website as usual, but the UU Store will be CLOSED from Sept. 28th - Oct. 12th. So if you would like to order anything before we leave, place your orders now! We just restocked the UU Shirt, so if you've been looking for your size, we got it now.

Other than that - hope to see you guys in California and on the East Coast! When you see us, PLEASE come by, exchange some hand slaps, and be prepared to introduce yourself by your screen name (& be prepared to be called by your screen name, too!). We can't wait to meet you!

-UU Staff

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