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Hey UUers!

This week on Uke Minutes, we've got a really awesome technique that a lot of professional ukulele players use, but not a lot of people talk about: Ghost Notes! Wooo. Spooky.

Actually ghost notes are "filler notes" - they add an extra element to your picking or finger-picking and fill up empty space without making you have to think too much. Many ukulele players use the open high G string for their ghost notes, but you can pretty much use whatever string you think sounds good. Check out the episode to find out more!

Hope everyone is having an awesome Saturday! Aldrine and the UU guys will be heading to the US Mainland soon, so stay tuned for details!

-UU Staff


    1. Hey Shirley,

      Aldrine answered your question in this week’s Thursday Live Lesson. He goes over your question at around the 20:00 mark. If you have any more questions and would like them answered in this format, you can leave your questions here, and catch Aldrine’s answer either live, or on the replay which is usually posted sometime the following day.

      -Kira (UU Staff)

  1. My first visit to your site and now I will use ghost and come back to visit again. Are you coming to Seattle? We love uke players.

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