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Hey UUers!

Ok, now we all know how many of you are Colbie Caillat fans (c'mon ... you know you like her songs) so we came up with the perfect lesson to suit all your CC needs! This month's lesson comes straight off of her new album, Breakthrough - the ridiculously catchy single, "Fallin' For You".

So go ahead, check out the lesson and if you need more help on the strumming for this song, click on our tutorials for the C String Bass Technique and 3-Finger Chunk.

In case you couldn't tell, we had a freaking BLAST shooting the Play-Along! Be sure to check out the official video of this song and buy Colbie's new album, so she can make more cool stuff for us to have fun with.

ALSO, the August UU Give-Away Contest "The Legend of the Ohana Ukulele" is now officially closed. We're gonna take the next few days to sort through everything and make the final decisions, but WOW people - we got over 150 amazingly creative entries - Great job, guys! Who will win a brand new uke this week? Stay tuned and find out ... It might just be YOU!

-UU Staff


  1. Another great lesson =)
    I wanna thank you for all the hard work putting these lessons up,
    my love for the uke was reborn since watching your lessons

    I agree with louballs… always wanted to learn John Mayer’s Heart of Life could you please set something up for that?

    much mahaloz
    roodee aka DNAgo1

  2. yea all these sound good, maybe try some john mayer, yea ive always wondered if i played jason mraz’s im yours right :D.

  3. thanks for another lesson i was wondering if you could do some of the following songs for future uke lessons

    our love is divine – opihipickers
    old fashion touch – opihi pickers
    girl let me know – kawao
    always here – tanya manibusan
    im yours – jason maraz
    falling for you – opihi pickers
    your all i need – opihi pickers
    2 person party – three plus
    take you for a ride – koa’uka
    up, down, side to side – koa’uka
    this local boy – justin young
    the tears are falling down – justin youg
    shake me – justin young
    second chance – malino
    santaria – sub lime
    the proposal song – rebel souljahs
    perfect together – danyo cumming
    perfect proposal – wayne wonder
    the one – rebel souljahs
    i’ll never leave your side – ho’okoa

    please could you do some of these songs for future uke lessons it would make me n some other people happy

    please and thank you

    ~lance *Monkey boy* ~

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