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Hey UUers!

It's been a long week ... why not stay in, curl up with your uke, and spend some quality time with another awesome episode of Uke Minutes? This week, Aldrine covers arpeggios on the ukulele - how to find them for whatever key you're playing in and how to use them for Good. Check it out and see for yourself!

For even more arpeggio fun, click on the Replay of the 2/25/09 Live Lesson Wednesday, when Aldrine broke down arpeggios in the context of 50's-style songs! Live Lesson Wednesday happens every Wednesday (at 2pm Hawaii Standard Time) right here in the Underground where Aldrine streams a live lesson and you can chat, type in your questions, play your ukulele, and learn right along with other UUers around the world.

Hope you have a super-dee-duper weekend - strum hard and play it like you mean it!

-UU Staff

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