Got questions about the Minor Pentatonic Scale? Post them HERE!

Hey UUers! This week's episode of Uke Minutes picks up where we left off last week - now we move on to Minor Pentatonic Scales! These scales are a lot bluesier than the major pentatonic scales, so play around with them and see what you can create!

If you're going to be on Oahu next weekend for the Ukulele Festival, be sure to stop by Kaka'ako Park on Saturday (July 18, 2009) for the Ukulele Underground Meetup! The UU crew will be jammin', talking story, eating, and having a freaking awesome time! Check out the thread for more!

Hope your Saturday is spectacular!

-UU Staff


  1. Ummm… firsties? 🙂 and also thanks for this, its definatly gonna help with my solos 🙂 and thanks for the rest of the site, my ukulele skillz have octupled in amazing CX

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