Well hellooo, UUers. How you doin'?

This week on Uke Minutes, Aldrine shows off some Major Pentatonic Scales (and even reveals a cool little pattern that you can use for pentatonic scaling-it on the fly)! Pentatonic scales are awesome for creating solos - just pick random notes from the pentatonic scale of the key that you're playing in and you'll have a cool sounding picking in no time! Try it out and let us know what you think!

*BREAKING NEWS* The UU Guys (rayan, Aldrine, and anaka) are going to be on Oahu during the weekend of July 17-19th! We'll be holding an Official UU Meetup on Saturday, July 18th for anyone who wants to hang out and jam - so if you're going to be on Oahu that weekend, please stop by, say hi, and come chill with us!! Stay tuned, more details soon.

For all our UUers in the US, Happy 4th of July! And Happy Saturday to everybody!

-UU Staff

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