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Hi there, UUers!

Welcome to July - It's the first of the month, which means a brand new episode of Uke Lessons! It's also a Wednesday, which means Free LIVE Lesson (at 2pm HST)! TWO ukulele lessons in one day ... Can you handle it??

>>-------- Live Ukulele Lessons with Aldrine Guerrero ---------<<

Thanks to everyone who encouraged us to do a lesson on "Out of My League" (by Stephen Speaks)! We wouldn't have even attempted this one without all of you and now that it's done, it actually wasn't as tough as we thought it would be. Check it out and see - and be sure to give us feedback & post videos to show us what you've learned!

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Hope your July is more than wonderful! Strum on, players.

-UU Staff


  1. excuse me, you’re a very good player of ukulele and i want to learn how to do the intro… may i just ask how to download this video? or can i ask you to post it at youtube because i know how to download it from there. thank you.. salamat

  2. Ok so im a little frustrated here because the rhythm in the lesson is different than the one in the play-along. The strum pattern is the same but the rhythm is not could you clear that up?

  3. I was about to give up the uke because I was unable to find an instructor here in puerto rico but you kept the dream alive with both your live and beginner lessons this one as well as a lot of others have been very very helpful to me.Thank you thank you and thank you and thanks to Ryan too.

  4. you are very very good at the ukulele and I play ukulele to.I have a bounty ukulele and a kumaku.I play kind of good but you play like a pro.but I have to go now but email me back by.

  5. The lesson is fantastic! Such a super easy way to learn the Uke. Your singing and playing are equally impressive! You’re the real Uke Sensei! Many thanks!

  6. Your lessons are the best!! Love how you break it in sections, IE chords, strumming, etc. You make learning the Uke so much easier than most of the other sites!! You da bomb 😀

  7. Awesome job! I went to iTunes to download this song because I liked it so much. Several people had recordings but none that were NEARLY as good as your recording on youtube. Fantastic job! Thanks for putting this out there for all of us to learn from and enjoy.

  8. Bring it on Aldrine! Let’s do five a day. You’ll be falling over mumbling “too much ukulele” 😀

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