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Hey boys and girls of the Underground!

Can you believe it!? It's Uke Minutes 50! Wait, let me say that again ... Uke Minutes ... FIFTY (pause again for dramatic effect). Crazy.

In this very special episode, Aldrine risks life and limb to create a very cheap ukulele wall hanger for around $8 that works amazingly well. Here's the parts list just in case you were distracted by the awesome sound effects in the video:

2 - 6' long, 3/4" thick trim board (or similar sized lumber). We reused some wood from an old bed frame.
5 - U-shaped tool hangers, plastic coated.
3 - 1 1/4" long wood screws for screwing the two pieces of wood together.
6 - 2" long wood screws for attaching your wall hanger to the wall.

Tools: electric drill, screwdriver, tape measure (to space the each tool hanger equally), stud finder.

Check it out, create your own, and modify the procedure to fit your needs! And if you have any questions, we're always here to help. Keep rockin' that uke all summer long (so you can show up all your friends when the break is over)!

-UU Staff

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  1. We got a wicker five shelf corner unit at a garage sale for $5 then put three screws onto one shelf. The hooks are gray now and cost $1.17 plus tax. Works great, thanks!

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