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Hey UUers!

This week on Uke Minutes, Aldrine shows you how to remove surface scratches from your ukulele, clean away fretboard grime, and generally pimp out your ukulele. Check it out and bring the bling!

For this episode, we used 3M Rubbing Compound (though other brands of auto rubbing compound will work), a clean rag, and a Planet Waves Microfiber Polish Cloth (which works great, just by itself!). This technique works best on ukuleles with gloss finishes and helps to remove most surface scratches (ones usually made from strumming a little too hard).

Things to remember
: Use an even, circular motion when applying and removing the rubbing compound, try your best to keep the compound away from edges or corners on your ukulele, and always use protection when handling. Repeat as necessary.

Use your weekend wisely, UUers - practice that new song that you've been working on, record yourself, and post it in the Forum so we can watch it and comment "Great job!!!1 Got tabs??". Hope your Saturday is stupendous!

-UU Staff

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  1. hey UU! great tips on how to clean your uke! I was wondering, what if the uke i have doesn’t have a glossy finish? Do you have any tips on how to clean and maintain those? Thanks!!

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