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The new month brings another new, totally freaking free episode of Uke Lessons in the Underground! Check it out to learn the song "Gives You Hell" by The All American Rejects.

Chords: E, C#m7, A, A7, B, F#m, G#m
Picking Pattern 1 (verse): [C] [C] [EA] [E]
Picking Pattern 2 (bridge): [CEA] [C] [E] [A] [E] [C]
Strumming Pattern (chorus): DD (DUDU)*
*muted strum

For the solo picking (and much more) check out the video!

Last Saturday, we held another UU Internet Open Mic! It was 10 bundles of fun and everyone had a blast watching all the fine young uke players doing their thing on our internet stage. What, you missed the stream?? We got you covered - click to watch the replay! *Part 1, Part 2, Part 3*

Have fun, try new things, push your limits, ask questions, and be a better ukulele player than you were the day before! Did we mention "have fun"?

-UU Staff


  1. Anyone know what picking pattern is used in the play-along for the line “They’re no good to me,” 2:26 minutes in. I’m pretty new at the Uke (first time ever playing an instrument), but I’m pretty sure for that G#M and F#M a different picking pattern is used. Tanks a ton.

    1. Good catch! Aldrine is just playing through the chords one string at a time. For the G#m, the pattern is Strum, C, E, A and for the F#m it’s C, E, A. The chord change is quick, so practice to get them smooth.

  2. I would like to just comment how amazing this site is.
    you do a really good job breaking things down, and you are obviously VERY talented so anything you say or promote or perform is instantly really cool.

    could you perhaps do songs that the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain performs? haha

    keep up the amazing work fellas.
    peace from WI

  3. Hi, i love these song lessons they are very helpful and easy to follow.
    But in this video i think you’ve missed a part out with the G#m, and F#m chords, cheers.

    p.s could you do a scar tissue lesson please.

  4. hey aldrine ur really good and u kno troy fernandez’s version of maui hawaiian suppa man? if u do please make a lesson?

  5. aw man except i just realized i’m tuned in A D F# B…i can transpose everything except the little picking solo…where you bend the strings. could you help me??

  6. OMG!! thank you so much! i’ve been trying to play that song for so long–on uke–and guitar tabs are so unaccomodating!!! XD;;;

    is there a way to just play only chords though, in case i get lazy??? (or forget a part)
    the chords i found sound wrong….

    THANKS AGAIN you have no idea how happy this makes me!! 😀

  7. Re: Maui Hawaiian Suppa Man


    Could you play the song through? You didn’t actually do that. I’m trying to figure where the picking part should be played.

    Also were you picking and chording at the same time? If so, I’d like to see that in slo mo !

    Thanks for the lessons!

    Love your shoes, babe! Don’t ever change! Have your people call my people and we’ll do lunch!

    Dennis (d2d)

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