Hey Everybody!

Be sure to stop by right here today at 3pm Hawaii time for another awesome open mic! For those of you who are playing (UkuleleHill, UkuleleD, CoLmes, thejumpingflea, mctrmt, thejumpingflea's friend, CitizenSnips, Pat Rock, GrumpyCoyote, bornagainjeeper and anyone who wants to jump in!) check in starts at 2pm. (If you wanna watch, show starts at 3pm)

>> UU Ukulele Internet Open Mic! <<

Today @ 3pm HST (Current Time in Hawaii:

It's gonna be a blast! See you there ...

-UU Staff


  1. dude, Aldrine you should figure out how to play Hey There Delilah by the Plain White Tees for me and put it on the uke lessons! That would be great.

  2. D’oh! that’s like 2 in the am tomorrow morning here in England – past my bedtime, bet it’ll be great- have fun everyone!

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