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Hey UUers! It's time for another episode of Uke Minutes!

In this week's episode, Aldrine gives you all the ingredients you need for a good old-fashioned diminished chord. Basically it goes a-like-a-this:

1. Use the fretboard diagram to choose any note on your fretboard.
2. Place the diminished chord shape on your fretboard so that it covers that note on the string you chose.
3. Strum like a motherf-...father. Now you have the diminished chord for the note you picked (for example, if you chose the note Eb, you now have an Ebdim chord)!

Another cool thing about diminished chords is that a diminished chord on the ukulele repeats itself every 4 frets. So if you slide a Cdim chord up four frets, it's still a Cdim chord! Slide it up another for frets - Cdim again! Try it out, and if you have any other questions, feel free to post away in the Forum!

- We're getting closer to the final winner of the "All Things Reggae" contest ... keep your eyes peeled for the results! Have an awesome uke-filled weekend!

-UU Staff

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"Augmented Chords"
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  1. Aldrine, dude…

    You have quite the video editor guy. I didn’t even watch the video (I’m on slow internet), but I still see chord diagrams, fancy tricks, and… a Sobe or Arizona bottle??? Nice.

    I don’t know if you covered this or not, but I found this helpful.

    “Move the dim shape until it has the note name you are looking for. Each diminished chord has 4 notes in it and everything repeats, so if you are looking for a Cdim, just move the shape until you have a C note under your fingers: 2323 or 5656 or etc… ”

    I hope you can follow that. Keep up the good work,


  2. Is that the river at Kapaa in the background. I noticed the last couple of lessons were from different parts of the island, Kuai I belive.
    The dimished cords lesson helped a lot and made things very clear. Keep up the good work. Wish you could have been here for our first Lone Star uke fest as we had over 100 people sign up and attend. Maybe next year.imhannon

  3. dude, Hawaii is just so beautiful. I cannot wait to move there and live there for the rest of my life. Gah!

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