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Hey all you UUers & UUerettes, it's time for Uke Minutes!

In this week's episode, Aldrine goes over some basic music theory with an explanation of suspended chords and the difference between -sus2 and -sus4. Way back in Uke Minutes 8, we learned how to create a major scale. In order to form a suspended chord, here's what you do:

1. Write out your major scale in order and number each note.
2. For a regular -sus chord (most often -sus4), take the 1,4, and 5 notes of your major scale.
For a -sus2 chord, take the 1,2, and 5 notes of your major scale.
3. Find and hold these notes, each on a different string of the ukulele (you can use this awesome fretboard diagram for reference).

That's it! Play your -sus chord with pride! Feel free to pause the video at any time to better understand the on-screen diagrams, and if you have any questions, check out the discussion about this episode in the Forum.

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