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Hey UUers!!

The past 48 hours have been a mad scramble in the Underground. As many of you may already have heard, due to the terms of a recent contractual agreement, UU is no longer able to feature the name or likeness of one of its previous instructors (heretofore referred to as "A.G."). With the start of the month looming, and the expectations of a new Uke Lesson hanging in the balance, we knew there was no way we could let down the people of the Underground.

So give a hand to Rayan for stepping up to the plate and teaching this month's UU Lesson, "Girl, I Wanna Lay You Down" by ALO, while we search frantically for the next qualified UU instructor. Also give a hand to Aaron who has been burning the midnight oil, slapping together the new lesson and converting the site to meet contractual and copyright specifications.

Thanks a lot for being so understanding during this crazy time in UU history - we know that after all is said and done, UU will emerge a better and awesome-er place for all ukulele players.

*EDIT* Happy April Fool's Day! Special THANKS to everyone who played along and helped us pull it off!! 😀 Click HERE for more.

Much Mahalo,
-UU Staff


  1. But if you’re using just one uke, can you just play the picking pattern? or combine the picking and strumming for the breakdown/intro?

  2. what a bust!
    Can someone post a new If I ain’t got you tutorial?
    and island in the sun?!
    i was learning them songsss, now it’s gone ):
    AG, come back mann.
    UU needs ya.(:

    RAYAN, keep it up.

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