Hey there UUers!
This week's Member Video of the Week comes from a young gun who shows us what it truly means to be fearless on the uke - please give a warm round of internet applause to UU member UkeNoob999 (aka VivaLaSound). A totally unexpected song choice but a great rendition nonetheless, this video really shows us that playing the ukulele is all about liking whatever you do and doing whatever you like.

Although MVOW is typically a winner-take-all type of deal, we couldn't get by the past week without mentioning DominicFoundTheMoon and chipswow's classy collaboration of that one song from Juno: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wzZSORpjqH8

*Also* - For those of you who missed the first couple online screenings of The KoAloha Ukulele Story, we're going to be streaming it on Wednesday, April 15th at 8am HST (7:00pm in the UK) in the UU Theater.

Hope the start of your week is looking stupendous (and wonderfully Springtime-y)! Bust out that uke ... it's time to frolic.

-UU Staff


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