Okay so maybe that went too far...

Aldrine is here to stay and to explain the joke. Basically all of it was part of the April fools joke. He's not leaving, he'll remain the instructor, and NO RECORD DEAL (well nothing major)

Did we get you? We apologize for the cruel joke and thank those who played along to make it work. It's all in good fun and spirit of mischief. UKE GOT MAIL is coming up later today and an UKULELE LESSON (w/Aldrine) is out this Saturday. So in return for that silly prank, we give you guys TWO lessons this month. Sweet deal eh?

Don't forget about the APRIL contest goin on around here. We're giving away a concert Mainland uke in our ALL THINGS REGGAE contest. You can find the details HERE.

Hope your april fools day was filled with mischief and fun. Spring is in the air. Let's let our ukuleles bask in the fresh air and warm sun. Rock out like the mangoes are always in season.

we hart u and thanks for being a good sport.

-UU staff


  1. This one kind of got me. I always take anything that happens on any web site on April 1st with a grain of salt. The stroke of genius was anouncing Aldrines signing to a major lable befor the first The most succesful pranks of this type have to be believable. I absolutely believed that Aldrine had a good deal because I believe he deserves one. I felt a little bad about losing Alsrine’s lessons but I really had my hopes up for some kind of national tour so those of us on the east coast would finaly get to see him live.

    Kudos to you guys for fooling so many of us.

    No hard feelings from me but I am glad for completely selfish reasons that the lessons will continue.

  2. Dudes, I TOTALLY fell for it, hardcore. I spent the whole next several hours with that on my mind!!! I kept thinking “Surely he wouldn’t agree to sign on with a record deal if they told him he’d have to abandon is UU friends…”

    Wow, got me! Best A.F. joke ever.


  3. Since I didn’t get to open this till 04/02 I didn’t see the joke coming…got me! Glad it was just a joke but I do have to give a hand to the good job Rayan did. Thanks for the lesson.

  4. OMG I actually cried. Bastard. LOL. Don’t fool with a brotha like dat. I had to kill a few cats and chickens just to deal with the stress your little “joke” created. Not to mention the bodies in the trunk

  5. That was the cruelest ever…I was duped and thought I’m never gonna buy that dude’s albums! But when I scanned all the old videos with the ‘message’ on them, I thought…hmmmm…this seems a bit much. Why would AG ditch out on his buds and leave UU in such a bind? Hope it’s an April Fools joke. Soooo relieved that it was. 🙂 Aloha.

  6. Man…Yesterday I was laughin about everyone that got fooled by those jokes….now i got fooled, too :(:(:(
    But it’s good to know that you’re still here 😀

  7. I must say this was a most excellent April Fool and it sure fooled me. You got all the details covered so thoroughly !
    Well done ! 🙂

    I’m glad this was just an April Fool 🙂

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